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To upgrade or not?

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I have been using DriveBender for quite a while.  In fact, its been so successful for me on my WHS2011 machine that I had nearly forgotten about it and taken its existence for granted.  I recently decided to upgrade my server storage capacity and of course I needed to unmount some drives.  My question is, I am running v2.3 at the moment and I have had 0 issues for YEARS, with my server having 100% uptime over that time frame.  Should I upgrade to the newest version of DB while I am doing maintenance or just let it be since its been working just great?

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I would upgrade, as there are many more features and bug fixes.

I would suggest that you raise a Support Ticket first though, just to check that there wouldn't be any issues upgrading from V2.3 to v3.4.

I don't think there would be, but better to be forewarned.

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