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[v3.4] Issues reading from pool

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I have raised a Support Ticket with Anthony, as I am having issues when playing content with EMBY that needs transcoding with DB v3.4.

When transcoding occurs, temporary files are written to a folder in the pool, but playback fails and I get the following message in the EMBY server log:

"System.UnauthorizedAccessException: System.UnauthorizedAccessException: Access to the path 'X:\Videos\transcoding-temp\B12932.m3u8' is denied."

It appears that with the latest version, although writes appear to occur successfully, reads seem to be a problem.

If I delete the 'transcoding-temp' folder from 'X:\Videos' and let EMBY re-create it and then play something, loads of files are created in the folder as expected, but I get the "access denied" message in the EMBY server logs.

When the playback ends, EMBY tidies the folder, so it cannot be permissions.

I have regressed from v3.4 to v3.1 and transcoding and playback works fine, using the same folder in the pool.

I believe a friend of mine has seen a similar occurrence with v3.4 but with a different service.

I just thought I'd put this out there in case others see similar issues.

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same issue here with 3.4 except that it was NZBget that i was having issues with. after updating NZBget could write to its downloads folder, which was in the pool, but then i got read errors as it tried to extract the files.

i restored my OS disk so unfortunately i don't have any other info

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I’ve also seen similar post upgrade to 3.4 and rolled back to 3.2 as 3.1 has a memory leak that was causing major issues for me. At first sight it looks like all it is ok. The pool comes up and you can open files. The moment however you try to save an open Office file it fails to save leaving just the .tmp version it uses whilst you edit the file. The pool drive then becomes inaccessible even though DriveBender itself via the management console thinks all is ok! Only fix is the forcefully kill the DriveBender service exe in Task Manager or reboot my WHS2011 server as it basically kills it.

Saving the file locally on the laptop I access the server from and then copying the file back to the server (same path) successfully overwrites the file.

All other drives remain accessible unless you try to access the DriveBender volume at which point Explorer essentially crashes. The DriveBender console doesn't show any open files related to the (in this case) Excel spreadsheet but does appear to keep other open file handles 'active' and listed.

Support ticket raised.

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7 minutes ago, extensive said:

ever since i uninstalled 3.4 and reinstalled 3.1 my pool is read only.  i can't make modifications.  did i "roll" back correctly?

Not sure how, or why, that would happen.

I have upgraded to v3.5, so you could try that.

If still read-only, raise a Support Ticket.


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