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Drive Bender v3.5+ Updates Killing IPV4 on Win10 x64

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I've been a long time user of Drive Bender.   The latest spate of updates post v. and the one just prior to the v. release *appear* to play havoc with IPV4 on my W10 Build 18362 x64 edition.

After updating from I had IPV4 connectivity problems that resulted in needing to repair my adapters using Win 10's built in utilities  (I could reach IPV6 sites but not IPV4 sites even with known good hard coded DNS servers of both IP versions.)  After a repair and reset was keepable.   I updated again to 3.5.x.x I think?  But ended up having problems again. At some point I used system restore and got IPV4 working again.   Recently was released and I upgraded to it last night...  had the same problems and tackled the problem today.    I used the built in W10 network fix nuclear option - which - after reboot, seemed to fix the problem for all of 2 minutes after login.   For that short period I could access IPV4 sites like Duck Duck Go (mind you no other computer on my network is having IPV4 issues, so it's not the router).  Then no sites were accessible, yet I could ping (for a short while).  I then hard coded IPV6 DNS servers leaving IPV4 alone.  After that I could get an IPV4 address (DNS) for sites, but pings timed out.    I gave up at that point and restored my machine to 5 days ago when I had v. and now all is working again.    I'm looking at Drive Bender because it's the common denominator I've had over the last week w/ these voluntary updates & IPV4.

Just heads up.. I don't know if you can replicate this, or if my system has retained any useful logs post restore, but I'll be wary of the updates unless a changelog indicates a bugfix for this.

~Paul K.

<EDIT>  Can an Admin move this to the Drive Bender forum?  I'm not sure how I accidently posted under Cloud Xtender, but apparently I did...


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