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Currently recovering from a ransomware attack......still trying to figure out how it happened.  I record TV series from broadcast TV, editing them removing commercials, and then moving to my drive bender storage array.

This involves at least 3 computers to process the files and house the files....the digital DVR computer, the personal computer that I use to access the DVR storage and do edits and then the drive bender storage.

The process goes like this:  

- DVR computer records and places file in a predesignated folder
- I access the predesignated folder using personal pc and edit the video file saving the output to a "watch" folder
-Software on the DVR computer monitors the folder and when it sees a new file, renames it according naming convention found on thetvdb.com and then moves it to the appropriate folder drive bender storage (I am currently not using Folderwall...did not think I needed it...LOL)

From there it get a little complicated....Emby is also on the driver bender computer.

- Emby monitors folders and downloads any artwork, etc for the edited video
- Once Emby has done it work, notifications are sent to various Raspberry Pi4s who can now stream the video
-rPi4s and delete or rename files.

How would I go about using Anvil with the above example?  Not sure how to begin.



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Nice to see another Emby user here 😀

You would need to have ANVIL installed on each PC in the chain and only permit certain programs access to certain folders.

You can run ANVIL without DriveBender, they are separate products, but DriveBender does have a Folderwall built-in now, so you probably don't need Anvil on the PC running DB.

Hope this helps a little, otherwise it might be worth raising a Support Ticket.

Could you not consolidate the process onto one PC ? Just a thought.


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