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File can't be accessed from the pool after migrating to Windows 10


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I just moved from Windows Home Server to Windows 10. I had two pools, each pool had two HDD. After I added HDD to the new machine, two pools were recognised. But I can't access any folder. I got error message 'Location is not available, access denied' when clicking any first level folder of the pool.

For example, for one pool, I have folder structure as E:\Shared folder\movie... and E:\SHared folder\Music... On WIndows 10, I can see E:\Shared Folder\Movie and E:\Shared Folder\Music. But when I click on E:\Shared folder\Movie, I got  'Location is not available, access denied' error from Windows. ANd if I right click on the folder and bring up 'properties', I got size as 0. 

I am using latest DB v3600a.

I think that this is Windows privilege related. What I want to know is what I need to do. Do I need to assign a drive letter to each of the HDD and try to give current user access right? 

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Update on the request. THis is resolved and here is what I did. 

1) Disable DB service. (I am not sure whether this is necessary or not)

2) Using WIndows Disk Management and assign a drive letter to each of the HDD

3) WHen the HDD Is seen on WIndows Explorer, WHen I click each top level folder, I got 'you don't have the permission to view the folder. Do you want to get the permission' (THis may not be exactly what was displayed) and after click yes, Windows will allow me to view the file. 

4) After I have done this for all HDDs, I then use WIndows disk management to remove the drive letter

5) Start DB service and pool can be accessed.

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