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I am using the File duplication feature and need help accessing files duplicated that are missing from my main folders

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Hey Everyone,

I noticed a bunch of files missing from my storage pool that are still stored across all the duplicated folders, how do I restore the duplicated files back over to the primary folders that are missing them?

It's a bunch of random TV shows and movies that went missing when I was moving drives around and upgrading to bigger drives I think. But it's random episodes here and there from various shows and seasons. I ran a scan of duplicated files missing in primary folders, and can see the path and they are there.

Thanks again


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In your upgrading process did you drain each drive that was to be upgraded before you removed it from the pool? If not, the removed drive would be the same as a drive crash and should be handled that way to recover any primaries on the removed drive. I believe the process is defined in the manual which is located in the directory that you installed Drive Bender in, typically "C:\Program Files\Division-M\Drive Bender".  There's also documentation on the Division-M website.


If you need more help I would suggest that you open a support ticket;


1971 240Z guy.


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