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I am trying to remove a drive from the pool, but it keeps getting to a specific file and throws the error

Error occured moving file: blah blah blah from the drive being removed, removal has been aborted.

I can not delete this file manually from the drive through explorer.

How do I get drive bender to bypass the file with the problem and move on?

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Did the drive fail or are you just upgrading the drive? Have you tried assigning the drive a letter and manually deleting the file. Then you might be able to get back to the DB drive removal process. Seems like there's a force option, but if the only copy of a file is on the drive being forced I think the file would be lost. You should probably open a support request and seek help from the developer.


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The drive is heating up beyond safe temps, so I am going to pull the drive.

So I ran a scan disk on the drive, and it found and "FIXED" some things.  Then I was able to delete the file in question.

So I kicked off the remove drive again, and it failed on another file in the middle of the night.  Then drive bender decided to fill it back up with data on a balance operation.  Um WHAT?


So I have a failing drive, I had to scan the whole thing with scan disk, remove data so the remove process would stop being pissy, only to have data written back to the drive.  How much work do I have to put on a stressed drive before drive bender will let me pull it?  This is very poor drive management.

So now someone is going to come back with drop the drive and pull the files manually.  OK, but that is not the way drive bender is supposed to work.  It has a procedure that removes a drive, but it obviously needs more error coding to make it work right.


At a bare minimum drive bender should have a flag you can set to say stop writing to this disk.  If you are removing a drive that is failing, Drive bender should log files it can't pull and move on, not just abort the process.

I am VERY disappointed in drive bender.



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