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Drive offline after upgrading to 3.7


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So I think I was on 2.8 or 3.2 before I upgraded (I don't know there have been so many releases lately).  Basically, I had a drive die last year which was a 6TB RED and it was given the label DB3.  So I removed the drive, repaired the pool, etc, etc.  I bought a bunch of new drives and the label DB3 has been replaced with a 6TB RED PRO.  When I upgraded I was notified that the old drive could not be found and the pool was put into read-only.  I don't understand why it was looking for that drive, but ok.  I restarted and now I am getting a new error that the 6TB RED PRO is offline, even though I can clearly see it in windows disk management.  I believe it has something to do with the label DB3 being reserved for the drive that died, which was not recorded as removed from the pool for some reason.

I have everything mirrored.  So to reconcile should I remove DB3, repair the pool, and then add it back?

This sucks and makes me not want to upgrade again by the way.

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