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Tiered storage and parity, will drivebender work for me?

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Hi all, I'm currently digging through the can of works that is tiered storage, comparing storage spaces, drivepool, and drivebender for my use case. I'm operating on a bit of a budget so the number of drives and whatnot I have seems less than ideal for storage spaces.

My setup is as follows:


10 gig networking

500gb NVME SSD

3 X 5TB Spinning drives, one of which is destined for parity use.


So, essentially I am trying to have a really nice, fast network share that my workstation which is all SSD based can take advantage of, but with large capacity for infrequently used files, so that I don't have even more network shares to deal with.


The only way I can seem to get storage spaces to work is have my raid card make a raid 5 of the spinners, and then pool that and the SSD together but something just doesn't rub me the right way when it comes to stacking storage spaces on top of raid, aside from loosing JBOD on that cage in my machine.


I was wondering if drivebender would work in a similar fashion, where I could give it all four drives, and reads and writes would use the SSD primarily, and move over to the spinning drives as needed to make room for other stuff. I also can't quite tell if it supports parity or not, so that it would essentially have 9TB of available hard drive space, with single drive failure protection.


Storage spaces set up right now presents itself as 9.5TB of storage, so the SSD isn't being used purely as a cache, something I tried out using primocache, but that ends up taking a big performance hit in some areas compared to storage spaces.

From the look of things the UI looks quite nice to use compare to basically every other option, and I like the web access.

I'll also mention that being able to empty the SSD to the spinning drives to upgrade it in the future is a feature that would also be nice, and that storage spaces definitely can't do.

The best option might just be to delete the raid which spent all night calculating parity, and test this software out.

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So, installed it to give it a try, and I can't set my SSD as a landing zone, it just switches back to none every single time, so that's annoying. I'm getting decent performance with both drives combined, but not nearly what I should be getting.

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