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slow copy: 8tb in 30 days

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I'm swapping out a 8tb drive for a 12tb.  I did the manual removal, as suggested in the help files


THe new drive is currently attached via USB3, as I'm all out of sata ports.  Its copying at 2.2mb/s on average.  I suspect its slow with small files. 

DB is only version 2.4 (because I'm a believer in if it aint broke...)

Is it safe to stop the copy from the old drive, and update DB?  Will this likely help? I'm on windows 1903. 

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Personal feeling is I've not really seen a performance difference between versions of DB, they're slower than JBOD copies. That being said you can open a support ticket and ask the question about stopping the copy / updating DB / restarting the copy.


I'm guessing you really wanted this in the DB section and not the Anvil section??

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@gethin No reason why you can't stop and restart the copy of you're doing it in Windows/File Explorer.

I'm running v3.7 on my 2 servers without any issues. 

The latest versions have a faster enumeration of folders, so you may well see a speed increase. 



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