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replacing (cloning) boot drive. ANy issues?

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On 7/18/2020 at 3:08 AM, w3wilkes said:

Just did this a couple of weeks ago. I did have to release my license and then re-establish it. Mine was a fresh install rather than a clone. As far as my pool went it made the transition just fine to the newly installed system drive.

Hey so with a clean install did drive bender just re-establish the pool, or did you have to carry over any info from a previous windows install?

(I still have access to the old install so I can copy over the mounts folder for instance or the whole Division-M folder. )


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On a clean install, once you start DriveBender, It will see the disks that you previously had in a pool and ask if you want it recreated. 

You say YES and it'll do it. 

Nothing needs copying from an old install. 

I've done this many times over the years. 

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