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Swap Drive Without Erasing Old Drive

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Hi all,


I have a pool with 5 drives in it that I use for backup purposes. I want to swap out two of these drives with larger drives. But I remember that last time I swapped a drive using the Drive Bender "swap drive" function, it basically moved (not copied) everything from the old drive to the new one. So at the end of the process I was left with the new drive as part of the pool, and the old drive as an empty drive. 

Is there a way to change this functionality so that it copies (not moves) everything from the old drive to the new? There's nothing wrong with the old drives, I'm just upgrading them for capacity reasons, so if I can keep everything on them and just store them in a closet as a disaster backup, I'd prefer to do that. 


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If your pool has enough space, then you can remove a drive and DriveBender will move all of the files off of it to the other drives in the pool. 

If you adding new drives to increase the pool size, then I assume you don't have the space to do that, in which case the only option is to swap the drive out. 

You could force remove the drive, as though it had died, add the new drive to the pool, then once you had sanitised the old drive, copy the contents of that drive back to the pool. 

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Here is what I'd do.

1. Install the new drive (say N:) and create a temporary folder at the root (e.g. n:\drv_copy).

2. copy the contents of the small drive's pool folder into the n:\drv_copy folder.  Verify an accurate copy (I'd use something that could compare file hashes)

3. stop the drive bender service.

4. note the name of the small drive's pool folder and rename n:\drv_copy to that name.

5. shut down and remove the small drive.

6. when you restart, drive bender should see the new drive as the old drive in the pool.


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I would think the @ruralcricket approach should work and leave the contents on the original drive intact. One thing I'd do different is stop the drive bender service before I did the copy to prevent drive bender from possibly altering the contents of the drive being swapped out. And just to mention that if DB has removed your pool drives drive letters you will need to use Diskmgmt.msc to assign drive letters so you can do the copies.

You might also want to open a ticket and refer to this thread and ask the developer if this will work.


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