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Drive Re-Naming questions when moving a pool

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I have a question, I am moving my drives to another computer and figured while I have everything apart I would do some housekeeping.

Currently my drives are named like this so I can keep up with them:  DB(Number).(Size).(Make)

For Example DB1.10TB.WD for a 10 terabyte Western Digital drive in the pool.

I have removed quite a few 3 TB drives and added single bigger drives over the last few years so I have some gaps that I didn't address. I have 30 drives, but some drives have number 34 and 35 in the name and I am "missing" drive number 10 for example. I'd like to rename everything in a manageable order again.

My would it pose a problem if I renamed some of the later drives to fill in the gaps to bring my pool back to it's actual drive count again? I wouldn't be touching anything else on the drive except the name

Just wanted to check before I start doing that - thanks again



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