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Created Pool drive letter not showing up..not sure why

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I moved my drivebender installation to a new computer and having some issues, I went in and prepped all of the drives by taking media out the keyed folders, and removing any traces of the old installation and duplicates. Basically started with clean drives and folders.

Latest windows 10 build

Drivebender 3.7

Windows and drivebender sees all of my drives, so I thought I was ready to create my pool and start adding drives.

I added my first drive and typically the drive letter shows up instantly and I can start accessing files....but no matter what I do, I don't see it.

But I am getting this, I let the machine run all night and no luck

"Overall Health Status the server is creating the mounting point"

Any suggestions??

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Thanks!  I do have another issue, my Windows 10 did an update and wouldn't boot. Ended up reinstalling. It asked me if I wanted to restore the pool.

I re-added the drives but i am showing two pools, same pool with two mapped drive letters. It's also showing up twice in drive management as two large pools

Any ideas? I need to remove the one mapped to drive letter D



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