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Old unsolvable I / O error problem still here

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While working with the DriveBender (more than 3 years), I have already identified three programs that give an error when working on the DriveBender pool.

  1. Adobe Lightroom falls into error when creating preview for catalog on pool drive. Ticket #15660 (from 2018) closed but the problem has not been resolved.
  2. Microsoft Hyper-V. Virtual machine disks were damaged. The connection with the DriveBender is not obvious, but after transferring the virtual machines to a regular disk, everything is fine for over a year.
  3. qBitTorrent generates an I / O error when starting to download a torrent located on the pool.


The error from point 1 appeared in 2018 in version 2.8.

The error from point 3 has been constantly appearing for the last six months after switching to this torrent client.

I took the trouble and spent an hour this morning to check this bug is still present in the current version of the program and is easily reproduced.


Why can't developers also make and finally solve this very, in my opinion, a serious mistake directly related to the product's functionality?

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