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WD Red and Purple drives in the same pool?

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Is anyone running mixed WD Red (NAS) and WD Purple (Surveillance) HDDs in the same pool? Please share your experience.

WD Purple drives are way cheaper now than WD Red drives. I currently have 7 WD Red drives now in a 24TB pool and I'm wondering if I can use a WD Purple drive as the 8th drive. 

Follow-up question... how about using WD Purple with Synology SHR? This is used as an iSCSI target for backup purposes.



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As you know, most any drive of any size can be added to the pool as long as it's NTFS formatted. The unknown is drive longevity/reliability and speed. My guess is if it's slower than your existing drives and dup'd data is being written to it, I would guess it would slow down the operation.

Can't speak to the Synology question.

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I can live with a marginally slower performance across the board. What I am worried about is what sort of voodoo magic did the engineers do to make these drives optimized for surveillance use. To be precise, they have this feature called "AllFrame AI", which, suffice to say, makes the drive better at its job in an NVR environment. What's the possibility of this "AllFrame AI" interfering when used in a non-NVR specific equipment?

Another thing... these drives are designed to have a load/unload cycle max of 300,000. I would imagine that in a NVR with continuous recording, the drives would be actively writing non-stop, which should prevent the heads from parking. However, when you use it as an ordinary drive, which translates to less active read/write usage, will these drives self-park their heads after being idle for a while? If yes, that would really eat up the load/unload cycle, doesn't it? I believe this was an issue associated with WD Green drives' having high load cycle counts, as they park their heads after just 8 seconds of inactivity.

Of course, all this is conjecture and that should give you an idea how much thought (and over-thinking) I'm giving this. ;) 

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4 hours ago, w3wilkes said:

So what's the load/unload cycle min? Will the drive crash at 300,001 cycles? If the drive did a load/unload every minute the drive would die in 208 days at 300,000 cycles.


I probably shouldn't have given this parameter too much emphasis. Consider it just an example. What I'm trying to do is to inspire abstract thought, however absurd, but should still be plausible.

Funny enough, all WD Purple drives are CMR, whereas WD Red in the 2-6TB range are SMR. That will probably account for the presumed better write performance, but without stipulating that that was probably made in comparison to their SMR NAS drives...maybe.... But I digress.

Beyond physical and accidental damage, what other parameters can dictate the lifespan of a WD Purple (or Seagate Skyhawk, for that matter) when used as a traditional drive?


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