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Intermittent: Error write_file "The specified server cannot perform the requested operation" when target is a DB drive shared on network

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Here is the background on my configuration and problem:

1. Running Windows 10 Pro with Hyper-V enabled

2. The physical computer has 5 drives in the Drive Bender pool and shared on my network(no landing zone)

3. Running a VM on Windows 10 that has Qbittorrent running (save location is the shared DB pool)

4. I get errors in Qbittorent(and transmission) intermittently that say: Error write_file "The specified server cannot perform the requested operation"

5. I can often just hit start again on the torrent and it will work again for random amounts of time, sometimes they will complete without a problem other time they stop again within seconds or minutes.

For my current workaround I added another hard drive to the computer and shared it on the network without Drive Bender. I have made that single hard drive share  the target for the torrents and then it moves the the DB pool after it is completed. This is working without any write errors.

I can't figure out what is causing the problem on the DB pool.

Any help or steps to figure it out would be helpful.

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