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Manual Removal of Drive Bender

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I have a bad install of Drive Bender after upgrading from 2.8 to 3.7 which is preventing my OS (Win 7 Ultimate 64bit) from booting. I can sometimes get it to boot after going into Repair PC and have tried running the recommended IOBit Advanced uninstaller as I cant use Add-Remove programs.

IOBIT took ages to complete and announced it had removed Drive Bender but the application was still installed and I assume so were the drivers as the OS won't boot again.

Can someone advise how to manually remove drive bender application and registry entries so I can at least boot the OS and roll back to 2.8.0.  If I cant boot the OS to do this I can use a PE Recovery Rescue disk that I have.

PS I have raised a ticket with Anthony including sending the logs but am waiting a reply and need to access some needed documents.

Many thanks


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OK so for anyone who comes across this thread I have resolved the problem.

The reason the OS would not boot was due to a new disk added to the pool. The sequence of events/actions were:-

1) Notification of failing hard drive through S.M.A.R.T

2) Manually removing the drive from the pool by adding a drive letter and copying all files and folders to new drive.

3) Removing the failing drive and replacing it with the new drive

4) Rebuilding and verifying the pool

5) Upgrading Divebender ftom to

6) Adding a new "additional" drive to the pool and then rebalancing files across all now 5 drives.

7) After this OS would no longer boot and Drive Bender Manager could not contact pool and threw errors so assumed upgrade was bad.

8) After numerous reboots including trying safe mode and other options OS booted but was unstable

9) Tried uninstalling Drive Bender to roll back to previous version but would not uninstall through Add/Remove programs

10) Used recommended iObit Advanced Uninstaller which took aged to uninstall only to discover it hadn't but instead removed entry from Add/Remove programs.

11) After much head scratching finally worked out this may be a physical issue rather than software. 5th "Additional" drive was on a separate two port SIL3132 mini PCIe card SATA raid controller along with DVD drive. This had happily supported a hard drive since the system was built but this disk had never been added to the pool. All other drives were connected to the Zotac on board SATA ports. As soon as I disconnected the additional drive system booted normally and Drive Bender could see and communicate with pool (although I had to properly reinstall it again first.


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