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Burnt before, time to try again, on W8?

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I had numerous problems amd bad experiences resulting in some data loss using for WHS, and decided to give up.  Issues I faced or things that could not be easily resolved where:


Why it took many hours to remove a disk from the pool (manually copying the files off took a fraction of the time).  I believe this was due to crc checking.. but windows doesn't crc check when you move files, so why the need???


Had issues rebuilding the pool when I had to reinstall my OS.


I too experience an issue someone else reported whereby a file was repeatedly trying to be moved during a disk removal process, and failing, this error was continuously looping, and I had to reboot computer.  I was told this was likely to be bad hardware... which I doubted, and never had any issues with the disks since!


Having look forward to Storage Spaces, and now been somewhat let down, Im tempted to revisit DB, but am really sceptical about it...  It took me a long time to reconstruct my data, juggling about with disks, and manually moving things about...


Are things any better???

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