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Getting WHS backup errors since installing

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I had han existing WHS 2011 server running for about 2 months.  No problems.  I installed the DB RC1 and each night since installing I have received backup errors on differing computers that have been backing up for months.  These errors cause backup errors on the individual PC's and on the WHS backup itself.  I've been a beta tester for 7 months and have never had a problem until now.

No errors on either the client or server event logs, only a message that a backup has failed on WHS.  The client says that it lost contact with the server.

You have to recover the server backup files which wipes out all the problem computers backups. 

I'm in quite a quandry, anybody have suggestions?

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I had a problem like that while I was running the RC1 version;  I received the 'Error in a backup file' message (doesn't say what client, of course), ran the repair tool, and found afterward that all backups for one client had gone away.  I ran a manual backup on that system successfully so as to have one good backup.  I had not had any other problems with the RC1 version that weren't due to my boo-boos or an unplanned change in configuration.


At that point the release level code became available and I installed it without difficulty.  Upon checking all the client backup files, I was surprised to find that the client which had lost its earlier backups now had its old backups back, in addition to the recent manual backup!


I can't rationally suggest that the same would occur for you by going the release level code, but it implies that there may have been something in question with the RC1 environment regarding backup file handling, and if you were planning to upgrade anyway, who knows!


(With regard to the post which arrived while I was typing this entry, I do run with with CRC checking and balancing on, for what it's worth...)


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