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How do I setup Landing Zone in v3.700 in Windows 10?


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Here's a screen shot of setting a landing zone. This is from the WHS2011 dashboard, but It looks similar to the DB Manager. I've marked where you want to go. Just click the right most square next to the SSD drive after you've added it to the pool and it will bring up the box where you set the "File Placement" drop down to Landing zone.

DB Land.jpg

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Two questions:

1. Does an HDD or SSD needs to be already adopted into the pool before I can use it as an LZ?

2. When a drive is set as an LZ and after files has been distributed to the rest of the pool, is the LZ kept empty so the next upload can take advantage of its full capacity?


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I was originally thinking 120GB since I have one of those lying around, but 500GB seems more reasonable. I don't normally transfer that much data in one go, but I guess the 500GB SSD should last longer due to better wear-levelling... to which I hope it translates to better reliability. A 500GB SSD is in such a good spot right now in terms of pricing. I could splurge a bit more and get a 1TB but I personally think it would be a terrible waste for an LZ, unless you regularly copy hundreds of GBs to the server.

Thanks for the insights!

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