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Sadly no, due to the cycling. But I thought the same thing, and they didn't change at all, and they were coming in so fast the 5-6 log files (since they break up into multiples after a so many messages) would only cover a few minutes each. Indeed, if I recall the total time taken for all of them as as small as 10-15 minutes. I can however try and re-enable smooth streaming: This would basically verify that enabling it causes the issue again, and if so, I could make sure to archive the logs.


I was also backing up my OS drive with CrashPlan, so that may have logs: But, it's synchronizing right now, so I'll have to see after that's done. (That's one other thing I have noticed is much slower since my migration to Drive Bender actually: But then, I'm also using RoboCopy to try and move my development folder to my OS drive (an ssd), so that might be hammering it pretty hard as well)




Crashplan finally finished, and I managed to grab some logs (From one of the earlier crashes, only the last log was corrupt) and compress them for you. For some stats, it does in fact repeat the same line over and over and over again, and so the 3 included log files, while taking up 300 megabytes of space uncompressed, are compressed to just over 1.5 megabytes with 7zip. Each one is around 100 megabytes each, and is approximately 14 seconds of recording (Seems I was VASTLY misreading the timestamps for some reason). So, here's 42 seconds of logs. http://filedump.sharose.info/ExampleLogs.7z


Don't think they'll be much help though  :\


Thanks for the logs... that is very strange indeed and looking over the code, I'm not sure how this could even happen :\


Anyway we are close to releasing then next beta, should be up today (well it is an RC to be exact). There are a number of small changes to smooth streaming... I will be interested to see if this happen again.

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