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JBOD Pool Size


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I've looked but can't find a way to display the TOTAL disk space in my pool. I have 6 drives in my pool and would like to know the aggregate size of the drives. I know it doesn't change but would still like the total size (used space + free space) displayed on the main screen. Yes, I can manually add up the numbers but the computer should work for me :)




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Thanks kiwimtnbkr and w3wilkes.

I don't have Windows Home Server installed (2007 was last release as far as I know. 

Yes, I can get the pool size using the drive properties in the Windows File Manager program.

I guess the bottom line is I need to perform the effort to obtain the data (not that it will change very often) when I add or delete a drive to the pool.

Consider this a closed post. Now I am off to see how well I can integrate VeraCrypt with my pool.

Thanks again!!


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