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I'm unable to connect to the My movies database on my system, I have over 1k in titles, movies & tv series. I'm using DB on my WHS as a common pool makes it easier to control all the titles of a pool drive against multipule drives.


Any ideas about this? :'(


UPDATE : I had to re enter my password..LOL :-[

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I have My Movies installed on my WHS 2011 box, and I have no issues. My Movies Videos drive is part of the pool, along with copying. I recently just moved the copying part too the pool after the initial RC. But before that it was separate.



I would move some movies to a folder outside of DB and see if it will connect to the database, or even monitor the folder.

I would also suggest trying to get support over at the www.mymovies.dk support forum.

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Unable to connect to the My Movies database or the content.


The database runs under a compact version of SQL which shouldn't be involved with Drive Bender. Have you connected to the server and check to make sure My Movies is running fine. My suspicion would be that My Movies didn't start correctly or you have had some database corruption.


I have two occasions with database corruption since the new 2.0 version for WHS. All of a sudden one day it just stoped working. Finally I realized the database was corrupted when I finally decided to whipe it out and restore from a few days prior.


So I guess the question is "Is My Movies starting ok on the server?"

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It was working fine until DB install, I will sit on it until I get all the movie & tv series where I want them ( Over 1000 title ) as I had them on the 6 drive in there own folders eg moive, tv series. Now puting them back into one folder each on the pool drive.


Then will have another go at getting it to work.

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You still haven't answered my question.


1. Is the database working: Two easy ways to check this is to 1. Open up the collection management tool and see if content loads 2. Does the movie content show up in Media Center My Movies section. Both of those have to read the database to load correctly.


If the database is presenting data fine my only other guess is that the data being movied has caused the location to get ut of sync with the database. This is based on the last comment that you are combineing them again into one folder from your last post.


If that is the case there is a very nifty option in the collection management tool to update all similar paths when updateing locations.


Simply put find one title that isn't working and check the location for the movie. Correct it and then after you correct it and save the update My Movies will realize that the root path has changed, and ask you to change anything similar. Let it do it's work and then you should be all set. You will have to do this for each path you change so it isn't a one time fits all.

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