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Replacing the master node HDD

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I am about to replace a working (just too small) HDD with a new 2TB drive. The old drive is listed as the master node under drive bender console. Has anyone had issues with removing the master node? If so, is there a way to switch the master node designation to another drive?


If the master node is a non-issue...

Should I remove the old drive then add the new drive? Or would the swap drive feature make more sense (and be safe to perform)?


Thanks for any input.

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I wanted to run more tests regarding a potential disk failing. I Disabled my drive that was designated as master node within disk management. This resulted in the pool going into fault tolerant mode. I then started drive bender console to view my drive nodes. The disabled drive displayed a warning sign with question marks, and a message stating "drive offline". The disabled drive was still designated as master.


I then restarted drive bender service, and found that a different drive received the master node designation. The disabled drive is still labeled as before, but is now not the master. This makes me more confident in ignoring the master node designation when replacing a drive.


I figured this would also be a good time to again test the ability of the pool to play a media file while in fault tolerant mode. I ran a similar test earlier documented in this thread: http://forum.division-m.com/index.php?topic=1313.msg4253#msg4253

... testing again:


I discovered the drive I was going to disable for the master node test contained a movie file that was duplicated on one of my other drives. So before disabling the drive, I started the movie. I then disabled the drive, causing the movie to stop after a minute or two, and the pool to go into fault tolerant mode. I tried to restart the movie, but received a file not found error. Why couldn't it use the duplicate file? I can play other movies from the pool, so I know it can read files in fault tolerant mode. Just not files that were from the disabled drive, despite existing in the pool as a duplicate.

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