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*RESOLVED* ServerFolders gone?? Added D and E into a new pool....

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Ok, first time user of DB for me, and despite looking around the site, couldnt actually find any documentation, but decided to have a play anyway...


Installed, created a pool, added the D drive (which contained the ServerFolders), then added E drive (new disk).. confirmed they were both in the pool, then added a drive letter, chose D again, as I want this pool to be for my folder shares.


Opened up dashboard, and noticed all of the locations of the orignial serverfolders did not exist in the new pool.. was actually able to manually move over the Client Computer Backups, but get erros when trying to do the same.


Luckily, this was a clean build, so there was nothing in the folders, nor on the new disk.. but how can I get these back?  I had assumed that DB wouldve recreated the contents into the pool.. or would have at least liked it to detect I was using the disk with the serverfolders on...


How do I resolve?



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Was trying that, but getting unexpected errors!... :rolleyes:  Removing the drives from the pool has also resulted in several erros.. hmmm.. and this is out of beta???  Why are things never as straightforward as you expect them to be!!  Wouldve thought creating a pool, add the default D and another drive, E into the pool, and DB would take care of everything, including the ServerFolders.. but alas, no... expecting too much perhaps???


Ok, managed to get things back to normal.. well sort of, my serverfolders are back, after I recovered them from within DB folders on one of the disks... but my Dashboard does not see any serverfolders or even hard disks now!


Sorry, but this just seems a right headache.. Is there a specific way I should have done this?  Thought it would have been a simple process...


Time to uninstall DB and try to get things back to normal, and maybe try again!

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After submitting a ticket was told by support that they are aware of the GUI freeze showing the disks as converting or adding, rebooting should resolve this issue, as it did for me...


Re the serverfolders, converting the drive rather than adding will mainting any exisitng folder structure, so I converted D and added E.. and hey presto!!


Happy days! ;D

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