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Ransome ware attack , on drive bender pool :(


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80 %  - 90 % om my files got encrypted with a Ransomware attack djvu files is named .vvew  
Both my Main pc (win 11) and the drive bender "server" running win 10 is save now, running bitdefender total security 2022, i have scanned both system many times should be clean.

most of the files are on my dreve bender pool about 37 TB total sizes , but i only use about 10 TB 
I have tried a Emsissoft decryptor '"for stop DJvu" , but this is a old version, and can not decrypt my files.

I have tried to find other solutions. The only option seems  be disk / data Recovery tool 
the problem is that most Data Recovery software can not detect drive bender pool 
Is the best option just to "Force removal from pool" every HDD i have 6 drives in the pool .
Then try data recover one HDD at a time, I should probably recover to a new empty HDD right ?  

R-STUDIO / Disk Recovery Software and Hard Drive Recovery tool  https://www.r-studio.com/
this software seems to be the best choice, for data Recovery. maybe someone has a better suggestion ? 

How many in this forum has experience with data Recovery after Virus / ransomware attack ? 
is it  even possible to recover the original file before it was infected / encrypted ?

I really hope some can help me ! 

Peter H  




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Sorry to hear that @peterh.

You could stop DriveBender from running and just assign a drive letter to each drive and let the software process each drive in turn.

Once done, you could delete the pool in DriveBender and then just create a new pool from scratch with the recovered drives.

You could raise a Support Ticket to see if Anthony has any thoughts on recovery.

Hope you get it sorted.

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Thanks for the answer.

i seems like many are saying, to be on the safe side, i have to do a clean install of my win 10 pro drive bender "server" to be on the save side.

Is it possible to just reinstall win 10 pro , and reinstall drive bender. Or will data be destroyed in the pool ? 

i am really conflicted, if i am trying to recover the original files of drives ( not really sure if it possible) i cant´ change to much of the settings.

but if there is a newer version of Decrypter software released, the best thing is to move the encrypted files to a new HDD / external HDD


But you think , my best option if try to recover my files is , to just stop drive bender application , from system tray. should close running drive bender process with taskmanger ?

and then use windows disk management , and assign a drive letter to each HDD ? 

best regards

Peter H

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I depends if the files in the pool have been affected. 

On a install of a OS with DB previously installed, as soon as you install DB, it will detect the drives and pool informaiand ask if you want to "recover" it - sorry can't remember the exact wording. 

Do if you reinstall W10, then install DB, you should be OK, providing the drives have been decrypted. 

It's important that the DB files are intact in the root of each drive, otherwise I doubt DB will see them correctly, so you'd have to start afresh. 

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