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Beta v1.4.7.7

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I have not installed the beta version, but I went ahead to buy the HDS full version using the coupon code. It appears that the full version has a problem with my Sans Digital TR4UTBPN (USB3+esata) enclosures in that querying the jmicron chipset for SMART data takes a full 5 minutes to complete. During that time the HDS is completely non-responsive.


I chased this problem down with the developer, who is extremely responsive with lots of details. The problem comes down to a canned routine to query SMART data, which was provided to him by jmicron. So HDS ability to dix the problem seems to be limited.


The above needs to be considered in DB as we cannot have DB stall for 5 minutes at a time. The HDS developer is looking into doing the SMART query as a background task. I hope that DB plans to do something similar.


PS: I should not that otherwise HDS full version is working great for me. I simply reduced the query to every six hours. I see no other issues.


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