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Drive swap interrupted


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Swapping out old drive for new. I don't know why but the process stopped. I now have a third of the files on the new drive 2/3rds on the old.  What's the best way forward?

I asked this question of drive bender support last week but heard nothing. Not sure if the product is still supported or if my licence is too old or what



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I'm not sure the drive is ok. I had some funky stuff going on (different drives being offline in the pool), but I noticed this one was made in 2012 so I thought I should swap it out for a newer drive to be on the safe side.  (I also swapped the PSU out and I think they system seems happier).


So if I force remove it can I manually copy the remaining folders back to another drive that is already part of the pool?  Do I need to rebuild the pool after that? 

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If you force remove it, assign the removed drive a letter in Windows and manually copy/move the files from it back into the pool.  

Force removing the drive will keep the pool online. 

You can add a new drive before copying/moving the content from the old drive back into the pool, if you have one.

This is all providing you can still access the removed drive. 


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