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drive contents (listing)

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Hi all


I've got a question the data on my drives before I'm convinced to move to DB.


At the moment in my file server I have 5 x 3TB, 3 x 2TB and C is 250GB. This server runs Win 7 Ultimate (64bit) and holds all the usual stuff a home file server/streamer has including backup images from the other PC's in the house.


For backups, C drive is imaged with Acronis three times a week to different drives within the server, I also have an aluminum case with foam insert (typically for Camera's) that I keep hard drives that have backups of everything that's in the server.


All drives are cataloged with the program 'Where Is It?' http://www.whereisit-soft.com/ so if a drive fails or I accidentally delete a file I can restore it or the drives contents onto a replacement drive.


Currently there is about 14TB used and 6TB free so I can't enable file duplication for everything although I can choose some vital backup files and such. Because I've modified the case I can add more hard drives when needed.


So my question is, is it possible to record/see what is on each actual hard drive with something like 'Where Is It?' so I can reload those files after a  drive fails and is replaced?


(I just feel better knowing that if I loose a drive I can easily replace it and get the files back and available reasonably quickly. I know that i might just have to buy enough drives to enable duplication for all files but I thought I'd ask anyway.)




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You have an option in DB called "Map pooled drives to mount folder" which would allow you to point your software to a directory on the C: drive which links through to each of the underlying hard drives.


Another option would be to enable the drive letters on each drive (which you can also do in DB) although for some reason I get a bit more concerned here that some third party software is going to come in and change something that DB is relying on.

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Thanks for the reply.


Those are 2 options I didn't know about and might give me what I'm after. Something else I've found is that the software I'm using can do a compare and show what is different (new or missing) so I could compare what is in the pool with a previous catalog file of the pool drive and see what is missing or what was on the failed drive.


This helps a lot.


Thanks again

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I'm really curious on this WhereIsIt software? Can it record file placement realtime or does it have to read the directory of each disk on some type schedule? This could come in real handy in a DB drive failure to know what was on a given drive that you may have lost. If you have folders that aren't dup'd you'd know what had to be recovered from other media (like a DVD or CD).

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